Active recreation and culinary adventures.

Explore nature, enjoy spa treatments at our hotel and at the thermal baths, and discover the exciting world of many medieval cities. Participate in traditional celebrations and sample delicious local cuisine.

Activities organised by our hotel:

  • Our colleague can lead you on a hike to explore the surrounding mountain peaks.
  • Or, accompany Jani for a weekly torch-lit hike after dinner, and round off the day with a pleasant drink.
  • If you’re wine aficionado, Marci will be happy to offer you a wine tasting.
  • In the kitchens meanwhile, our cooks welcome both young and old for a tour in the world of pizza-making.

Tip: taste some lingonberries while you are out hiking! Rich in vitamin C, it is made into delicious jams and preserves by the locals.

Other recreational activities:

Almabtrieb (return from the summer pastures): a traditional celebration held in early or mid-September, when cattle are driven down from their grazing pastures on the hilltops. This event is celebrated in nearly every town and village. The locals get dressed up their traditional national clothing, wind bands strike up the tunes, and the feasting and drinking begin.

  • Erntedankfest: celebration of thanksgiving.
  • Culinary festivals:
    • taste some Jauntal salami, known as the “queen of sausages",
    • Minternationally-acclaimed Galital cheese,
    • savour the succulent lamb dishes at the Glocknerlamm festival in Heiligenblut,
    • or, for those with a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the local raisin-cinnamon Bundt-style cake, Reindling, or sample the wares at the strudel festival in Seeboden.