Wellness & Spa

Our wellness oasis features an impressing swimming pool, sitting pool, bin shower, sauna, vapour bath and an infra sauna for enjoying warmth.

Temperature and depth of our pools:

  • Swimming pool: 27 to 28 ºC / 127 cm
  • Sitting pool: 34 ºC / 40 to 60 cm

The wellness portion of our hotel is a true island for relaxation. Take a rest, relax and regain energy!

Wellness offers

If you need comfort and recreation, you should choose from our relaxing and stress easing services. As part of our wellness programs, we offer possibilities for bodily and spiritual refreshment through massage and packing based on various natural treatments. Those who wish to grow in beauty may choose from manicure and pedicure programs comprising body, face and cellulite treatments.

Body massage with Speick oil

  • Period: 50 minutes
  • Price: 61 Euro

Speick is known in botanical circles as Valerina celtica, today the alpine Nock Mountains in Carinthia, Austria. Valuable Speick oil has been gently extracted from the roots of the plant for thousands of years. Speick was used to perfume bathes, and afterwards, the valuable oil was used for skin care in Egypt in 500 BC. For centuries, several tonnes of Speick was exported from Venice to all over the world every day.

Lava-stone (hot stone) massage

  • Period: 60 minutes
  • Price: 70 Euro

Its origin goes back to ancient times. It is known, that the old Hungarian, indians, and in India people have already used hot stones. We use a special massage technique. With the stones that are heated up to 40-45 Celsius and the massage oils we treat the whole body. We put the warm, magnetic effect stones on the different zones and energy centers of the body, where they can put out their muscle and nerve limbering-up effects.
We suggest this massage in case of sleeping problems, stress.
The results: harmonic, vital body, soul and mind. The numb muscles and articulations win back their elasticity. The oils tighten the skin from within.

Chocolate massage

  • Period: 50 minutes
  • Price: 61 Euro

A pleasant resfreshing massage for the body and soul. It has several skin caring effects, such as rejuvenating, cleaning, smoothing. As a result the nervous system will refresh, the skin will appear silky, the body regenerates. Chocolate definitely makes us happy through the skin as well. 

Hot-choko massage for children

  • Period: 20 minutes
  • Price: 25 Euro

This massage is very popular among children, child perceives during massage sensual aroma of chocolate, which in children brings a sense of joy and peace. This massage is recommended for infants to improve mood, relax stiff muscles and wash away toxic substances. The skin remains soft and pleasant massage smoothed.

Reflexology (healing sole massage)

  • Period: 45 minutes; 
  • Price: 52 Euro;

The art of touching. By stimulating the nerve endings of the sole several biochemical processes take place. and the body”s self healing mechanism switches on. It eases the physical and mental tension caused by everyday’s stress, nevertheless harmonizes the nervous and hormone system, strengthens the immune system and optimises the function of the digestive system.

Refreshing foot massage (legs and thighs)

  • Period: 25 minutes
  • Price: 31 Euro

This treatment is made with lavendel oil or lemongras oil.
A foot massage is a great way to pamper someone special and help unwind after a long day.

Classic body massage

  • Period: 50 minutes
  • Price: 58 Euro

It stimulates and regulates certain physiological processes, improves muscle tone, the appropriate movement of the joints and the right posture, helps blood-lymph circulation, as well as balances the hormona and nervous system.What is more, it does not have only physical, bodily benefits but improves the physiological,mental state as well. It stimulates the easier circulation of life energy and vitality, and it restores the balance of body and soul.

Refreshing back massage

  • Period: 25 minutes
  • Price: 33 Euro

We particularly recommend the back massage, because the most tension gathers in this body part which is followed by the stretching of the muscle of the back.

Paraffin treatments with sea salt scrub (hands or feet)

  • Period: 30 minutes
  • Price: 38 Euro

Hot paraffin has been used for healing in physiotherapy for a very long time. Paraffin is a kind of material which has special heat storing capabilities, this way it contributes to the circulation of blood and the opening of pores. It works like a mini sauna; hydrating cream can be introduced into the skin more effectively. The skin gets refreshed and delicate. The treatments are especially recommended for the treatment of the skin exposed to the winter cold, strong sunshine, to regenerate the roughened, dry, cracked skin of the hands and feet.

Body scrubs

  • Period: 25 minutes
  • Price: 35 Euro

1, Himalaya salt peeling with honey, argan oil body lotion and lavendel oil

A body peeling made from a mixture of pure Himalayan salt and oil is ideal for de-toxification. You will achieve the same purifying effect as going on a several day fast. At the same time you will receive an energy boost due to the high concentration of minerals in the salt mixture. The peeling will also enhance the blood circulation in your skin.

2, Mixture of coffee grounds, honey and oil

The coffein accelerates the circulation, detoxicates and removes the dead epidermic cells. The skin remains smooth. It opens the way to have the other treatments, because helps the absorption of the effecrive substances.

Ear candle

  • Period: 25 minutes
  • Price: 31 Euro

We use the candle treatment, which was already applied by nature peoples, for the detoxification of the organism, easing inflammation, improving digestion,inflation prevention, increasing lymph flow. Applied through the ear, it can treat in flammation of the ears, forehead and accessory cavity, worsening of the hearing, headaches, migraine, flu, cold, stress and nervousness.

Light Therapy:

  • 20 minutes: 5 Euro;
  • 30 minutes: 8 Euro;
  • 40 minutes: 10 Euro;
  • 50 minutes: 12 Euro.
„Relax package” - ca. 130 minutes Price: 103 Euro/Person (instead of 114 Euro)
1*50 min.classic body massage
1*50 min. Reflexology (healing sole massage)
1*30 min. Light teraphy
„Limbering up” package - ca. 65 min. Price: 57 Euro/Person (instead of 63 Euro)
1*25 min. Refreshing back massage
1*20 min. Refreshing face massage
1*20 min. Light therapy
„Himalaya salt package” - ca. 70 minutes Price: 77 Euro/Person (instead of 85 Euro)
1*20 min Himalaya salt peeling
1*50 min. Full body massage with Speick oil
„Refreshment package” ca. 105 minutes Price: 97 Euro/Person (instead of 108 Euro)
1*25 min. Parraffin treatment (hands or feet)
1*30 min. Light teraphy
1*25 min. Ear candle
1*25 min. Refreshing back massage
Minipackage ca. 50 minutes Price: 55 Euro/Person (instead of 65 Euro)
1*25 min. Refreshing back massage
1*25 min. Refreshing sole massage
3 in 1 ”A” ca. 150 minutes Price: 135 Euro/Person (instead of 159 Euro)
1*50 min. Classic body massage
1*50 min. Body massage with Speick oil
1*50 min. Reflexology (healing sole massage)
3 in 1 „B” ca. 150 minutes Price: 133 Euro /Person (instead of 156 Euro)
3 x 50 min. Classic body massage
3 in 1 „C” ca. 100 minutes Price : 99 Euro/Person (instead of 117 Euro)
1* 50 min. Classic body massage
1* 25 min. Refreshing back massage
1* 25 min. Refreshing sole massage
3 in 1 „D” ca. 120 minutes Price: 110 Euro/Person (instead of 129 Euro)
1* 50 min. Classic body massage
1* 20 min. Refreshing face massage
1* 50 min. Reflexology (healing sole massage)

Refreshing face massage

  • Period: 25 minutes
  • Price: 30 Euro

A special, personalised treatment, that includes the massage of the pure, make-up free skin of the face, neck and the head.
Its results:
1, Beauty, face lifting (anti-wrinkle, rejuvenation)
2, The zones of the face and the head are treated as micro organisms
3, Calming oxigen shower for the brain

Refreshing facial massage and collagen mask

  • Period: 50 minutes
  • Price: 61 Euro

Massage treatment of face, neck and décolleté. Designed to calm nerves, soothe headaches and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is particularly beneficial for mature and pale skin types. Over time, aging skin looses its firmness and the collagen mask helps tone the skin while the papaya extract nourishes with essential vitamins and proteins, giving your face a radiant and fresh look.

Thalasso facial treatment

  • Period: 55 minutes
  • Price: 65 Euro

Following a mineral-rich mud peeling, the skin is pampered with a moisturizing anti-wrinkle mask made of Spirulina algae, leaving it soft and refreshed. The treatment is finished off with a nurturing, soothing Azulen cream gently massaged into your skin.

Nourishing oriental facial massage

  • Period: 50 minutes
  • Price: 61 Euro

This thorough massage works on the connective tissue and the facial muscles to boost blood circulation and metabolism. Promotes cellular detoxification and stimulates collagen production. The massage helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, leaving your skin healthier, lifted and revitalized.

Basic treatments of medical pedicure and manicure

Medical pedicure
(removing of ingrown nails and corns) (ca. 1 hour 15 minutes)
Price: 59 Euro
Medical pedicure + nail-polish (approx. 1 hour 30 minutes) Price: 67 Euro
Manicure (ca. 1 hour) Price: 35 Euro
Manicure + nail polish (ca. 1 hour 15 minutes) Price: 45 Euro
Medical pedicure + manicure (ca. 2 hours 15 minutes) Price: 92 Euro
Medical pedicure + manicure, nail-polish hand and foot
(ca. 2 hours 45 minutes)
Price: 108 Euro
Princess nail polish (hand) (15 minutes) Price: 10 Euro


  • If you would like to make an appointment please apply to our colleagues at the reception.
  • Appointment cancellation: If you can not keep your appointment, please let us know in advance. As a rule, at least 24 hours before your appointment. Otherwise we reserve the right to place the treatment amount to 50% charged.
  • I’m late – What to do? Please, understand us, if your massage will be a bit shorter, due to your late arrival. We can not give you discount for your shorter treatment.
  • How can you come to the massage? We recommend you to wear a swim-suit. During a treatment the intim parts of the body are hidden with a towel.
  • Spa Etikette:  the massage and a shower preceding the treatment refreshes and cleans the skin. Please, avoid using a mobilephone or drinking alcohol.