Repose with the family

Programms for children. Happiness guaranteed not just for children.

Our hotel is equipped with accessories for the babies: our guests visiting with babies are provided a selection of accessories, including baby bed, baby phone, high chair, baby bottle warmer, baby bath tub, changing table, chamber pot, toilet diameter reducer, baby carriage, kid bikes, baby seat for bicycles, etc. Would you like to stay alone a little bit?

We have a new baby corner that is already waiting for families traveling with babies to make the trip easier - and it is available anytime! (with e.g. cloth diapers, baby kitchenware, bibs, bottle warmer, kettle, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner)

In our restaurant, children are offered high chairs, mini tableware, and a selection of meals they usually like the most.

The programs in the neighbourhood offer utmost fun and unusual experiences to your children too.