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Dream holidays always point in the same direction: south. To the south, where mountain peaks stretch up towards the sun, Alpine lakes lie nestled at the feet of rolling hills, and where lifelong friendships are forged. All this comes together in Austria’s southernmost state: Carinthia.

Popular destinations in Carinthia are its spectacular natural sights (such as the dripstone caves and national parks), scenic routes, mountain railways, boating on the lakes and many fascinating museums, while an extensive network of well-groomed hiking trails interconnects the mountains.

Carinthia is one of the main recreational vacation sites as well as the most important skiing area. The town of Bad Kleinkirchheim is located at an altitude of 1,100 m above sea level, resting in a 5 km-long valley edged in 2,000 m-high mountain ranges. Its exquisite natural beauty is complemented with an excellent climate. Over the years, this municipality has become one of Austria’s most important sport centres, both in winter and summer. Besides swimming and horseback riding facilities, it also has covered and open-air tennis courts.

While its 18-hole course draws golfing enthusiasts during the summer season, the most popular activity here is hiking. Approximately 100 km of well-marked trails wind their ways through woodland, meadows and sunny mountain slopes. Comfortable hammocks – “wellness oases” – have been placed along the way, near sparkling brooks, refreshing waterfalls and glistening mountain lakes.

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