Thermal baths

From the ski run straight to the thermal bath – this is the slogan in Bad Kleinkirchheim. After the beautiful experiences offered by nature in the winter, and the sports activities done in fresh air, the healing power of thermal waters, as well as massage and other wellness treatments will make you feel real fine.


It is a thermal bath located in the centre of the village, at the foot of the southward ski lift cabins called Kaiserburgbahn. The place is called Römerbad, suggesting on one hand that the Romans already enjoyed thermal waters here, and on the other hand that wellness is not a new invention. The facility was rebuilt by the start of the 2007/2008 season from a 14.5 million Euro investment. The reconstruction works started in the fall of 2006, and a true Wellness Oasis evolved from the development efforts. Within the new, Roman style bath section, a sauna, massage and cosmetic complex occupying 4000 square metres was built. While children can play in an external or indoor fun hall, adults may relax in the new “ Resting Tower” of the bath, which provides outstanding sight of the surrounding ski runs.

Katherina Bath

The spring coming up from below the chapel was first mentioned more than 500 years ago. Its healing power was widely known, and it was considered as the spring of youth. This pearl located in a prodigious scene has always been surrounded by legends. Some say the Almighty left a teardrop here, and this is the source of the healing spring. The water springs up at 36 °C temperature, and its mineral content exceeds 1,000 mg/l. It has multiple effects: strengthens the immune system, effective against catching diseases, reinforces the connective tissues and vessel walls, and eases rheumatic pains. Bad Kleinkirchheim has two springs, whose water comes up from 120 m depth at 12 to 13 l/ s speed.

New in the sommer season

By showing up the Bad Kleinkirchheim Region card, you get 15 % off the entrance fee of the hot springs and saunas: 4 hour and one day entrance fee + some massage and cosmetic treatmentts.