Spring programs

In early spring, winter sports are still available, and you can soak up the rays on the snowy slopes. Take part in Easter celebrations, sample some local cuisine and chase away the winter at the Easter fire (Osterfeuer) events.

Enjoy the sight of nature coming back to life, the landscape gradually turning to green and trees bursting into bloom. As the hillsides are perfumed with the scents of wild herbaceous plants and Alpine roses, bicycle tours around the lakes start up again. By May, some of the lakes already have a water temperature of 20°C, and the golfing greens are ready for a new season.

  • Tip: take deep breaths to enjoy the pure, fresh mountain air!

Get yourself into shape at our hotel’s gym, relax in our pools and saunas, rejuvenate yourself! Enjoy long walks in nature, breathing in the effervescence of a sunny day in May. Your stay with us at Birkenhof will remind you of what life is really all about!