The menus, ingredients are based on the many years’ experience according to the family's and regular guests' needs.

It is a real fun for the kids to eat one of our children meals, with healthy and selected ingredients in them.

We are committed to making healthy meals from quality raw materials. When designing our continuously updated menu, seasonal Austrian offerings are always taken into account. Ingredients are purchased from continuously inspected local suppliers. Besides soups, appetizers, main dishes and desserts, our guest are also served fruit plates, and they can entertain their palates at the salad buffet.

Gourmands Welcome: Wine, Pálinka, Cigars, Coctails

The wine-lovers surely will enjoy our quality selection of international and Hungarian wines stored in our cellar. Would you try a famous local „Schnaps”? The WOB distillery right next to the hotel is mentioned among the most famous Austrian distilleries (so as the owner, Wolfram Ortner, former ski-champion). On request they ar gladly guide you through an onsite Schnaps tasting tour. The most loved palinkas are the elderberry,the strawberry, as well as the honey favoured one.

In our digestive room, you can have your evening rest in an atmospheric milieu, enjoying premium spirits, selected cigars and smart coctails.

Personalized gastronomy, special nutrition needs

Do you want or have to keep on special diet? Please, inform us this by booking a table, and our chefs will be glad to discuss it with you. They will be ready to make the proper dishes suited to any allergy (sensitivity to flour, milk or egg), diabetes, etc.